About Your Protagonist.

I’ve been working online since 1994; I’ve lived in San Francisco since 1996.

I’m an expert in community management, online marketing and user engagement, and I’ve always enjoyed working at the nexus of product, marketing and usability. No one knows more about how users perceive and/or interact with a company’s products/services than people who who work directly with large groups of users to foster engagement, education and retention.

Community management isn’t widely considered revenue-related; this often leads to the classic Cassandra problem where actionable data is frequently ignored.

I’m working to change that, one startup at time. Perhaps two at a time, if I don’t quit coffee.

My cat is named after a character in THE GODFATHER, I taught myself to play the baritone ukulele, and I can cook and write pretty well.

Feel free to leave a comment. The fragile male ego enjoys praise, and if you’re mean, I can just delete it or hold you up to ridicule. I’m also on Twitter.


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