Eliminated from the CSCS Open, but things are good.

I woke up this morning around 2:00 a.m. Pacific and checked the results page for the Creative Screenwriting Cyberspace Open contest and learned that I was not one of the three finalists whose scene will be taped for their fall Expo.

It’s disappointing news, but I’m cheered by the knowledge that I can turn out good work in short order that I can be proud of. I’ve always known I work well on tight deadlines, and now I can prove it.

As the scores indicate, I needed at least 94.43 to be a finalist, but my average score for Round 2 was 93.86, or 5th out of 12. Not bad.

It probably sounds like sour grapes to complain about the contest’s administration, but they did miss two deadlines and seemed to change the rules of the game after it was underway. Initially, Round 2 finalists were to be notified on May 28, but I didn’t hear a word until May 31.

According to the contest administrator I spoke to, they’d selected the top 3 finalists by the deadline based on their scores; after that process was completed, they voted on which scenes they felt were the best out of the top-scoring scenes. I don’t believe that was the process that was described when I entered, but they’re free to change their guidelines at will. I’ve managed many online contests, and I’m sure the team at Coverage Ink was doing their level best.

Planning proceeds regarding our July shoot for “Executive Action.” I placed an ad on Craigslist seeking actors and several local performers with excellent credits and clips responded. Next steps: auditions, two read-throughs and the actual shooting. Between now and then, Roland and I will pin down the remaining production details — if anyone has a well-appointed bedroom we can borrow for a couple of hours to shoot the end of our scene, please let me know.


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