The state of things.

I’m not prone to sharing a lot of personal stuff online. With anonymity, it makes sense to seek support, make confessions and share aspirations with an audience. When you write under your own persona, you’re somewhat limited. Or, at least, I am.

So, when things aren’t going as well as I’d like, I tend to blog less; which is to say — not at all.

There’s plenty on my mind:

  1. I’m still wondering at least twice each day why Elton John would perform at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding. I know he was paid to appear, but by any measure, Limbaugh has a long and robust record of making not just homophobic statements, but pronouncements that are just plain hateful. I have little doubt that if Limbaugh could wave a wand, he’d make gay people disappear. As I said elsewhere, it’s like Lena Horne singing “Happy Birthday” to Lester Maddox in honor of his 60th.
  2. Having a devil of a time nailing down rehearsal spots and most importantly, a location for the planned July 10th shoot. I’ll work it out; I just need to put more shoe leather into it, which is challenging, since I’m feeling like crap.
  3. Even though I knew I wasn’t feeling well, I got up this morning and prepared a batch of Parker House Rolls. The dough’s rising now; I’ll punch it down once before forming the rolls and baking them. I was planning to bring them to a friend’s party, but I’m honestly not sure if I’m up to going.

Those are all the vexations I’ll share; the rest is just life stuff that’s personal, and therefore, mundane. I don’t read blogs to learn about someone’s emotional state how hammered they got, or learn about their SO issues. I’m much more interested in other peoples’ ideas, and not so much strangers’ feelings. (My friends are a different matter entirely) Don’t get me wrong; anyone who knows me wil affirm that I’m a rank sentimentalist and an unreconstructed romantic.

I just think the most personal blogs are akin to someone standing in front of a street-facing window and asking passers-by what they think of the rash on their ass.


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