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An Open Letter to Menotek, Inc.

I bought a Bluetooth keyboard that stopped creating several useful characters, including the letters “a,” “s,” “d,” and the comma. Which we all know I overuse anyway.

I went to Menotek.com in search of customer service, but only found a sales link for requesting info on wholesale orders.

Here’s the letter I sent:

Hi there. I recently purche Menotek keyboard after buying n iPhone 4. writer n omenone who recently trte long commute I hope thi evice wool be gret wy to boot my personl n profeinl productivity.

Unfortuntly the Menotek trte malfunctioning after only two week of ue. The comm w the firt to go but I ten to overue them nyy o it no gret lo.

It w when I trte to loe the left en of the keyboard that I trte to have eriou difficulty. Luckily my phone i mrt enough to to-correct mny of te top but it cn only o o muc.

I’ve trte typing te me wy I mutt oun in the entit’ chir.

I’ rely like to give your product noter hot but I couldn’t fin ny contact information on your corporate webite. I uppoe if I emil your le tem I could place wholele orer but I’ rather jut have replacement.

Plee let me know how I cn return the effective unit.


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