My entry in the 2011 CS Open: “To Go”

Much to my utter disbelief, I managed to finish my entry in the 2011 Creative Screenwriting Cyberspace Open this afternoon, well ahead of tomorrow morning’s deadline.

Yesterday, I worried because I only had an outline. Today, I worried because I didn’t start drafting the scene until after I’d had coffee. When I was finished, I worried because I finished far ahead of my projected schedule, so surely the quality must be questionable.

Sensing a theme?

Anyway, here again is the premise I received on Friday:

Your PROTAGONIST and his or her LOVE INTEREST are at odds. One of the protagonist’s schemes has gone terribly awry, and the love interest has had it. Write a scene in which they have it out – but in an unconventional way. Their words seem measured and reasonable; but the subtext says another thing entirely. You may use additional characters other than the ones specified.

Note From Contest Management:

This is going to take some crafty, non-on the nose writing here. For example, they can talk about boiling water, but it’s clear they’re really talking about something else. Use sarcasm or body language or timing or other means to convey your true meaning.

No pressure, right? I came up with 8 ideas (maybe 3 good ones), but this is the one that stuck with me. I hope I make it to the next round of the contest, but if I don’t, I know I did good work.

“To Go” (36K PDF)


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