Waving “hello” is not customer care.

Our firm recently moved from an old building with a sandwich shop in the lobby to a 39-story skyscraper that was once the second-tallest building in San Francisco. Instead of walking through a sulfurous onion cloud on my way to the elevator, I’m now greeted by a man in uniform who smiles and says “hello” as I enter the hive.

I find this highly annoying.

This performance is a terrible waste of resources. By my estimation, about 25% of us return the greeting; the remainder breezes past, oblivious to our goodwill ambassador. If building management wants tenant employees to feel good about coming  to work, here are suggestions that might create real value:

  • Buy a few hundred commuter mugs with the building’s logo and give them away with Starbucks gift cards once/week.
  • Contact the businesses immediately adjacent to our building and encourage them to offer us discounts.
  • Engage tenants in charitable activities like clothing and toy drives outside of the holiday season.
  • Organize a group of joggers/power-walkers who’ll meet up a few times each week.
  • Each Friday, visit a different office and drop off a handful of movie passes. Every Monday, surprise a different tenant with pastry and bagels.
  • Hell; just throw up a simple Facebook page to keep us posted on maintenance, improvements and other building news.

These low-cost ideas promote the notion that building management cares about our happiness. Which is the only reason they’re paying someone to wave at me, am I right?


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