I’ve been one poor correspondent.

But it doesn’t mean you ain’t been on my mind.

I keep meaning to post music here more frequently.

Tweeting is easy, since anything stupid I express there is lost in a rushing torrent. Eveny though every public Tweet is archived by the Library of Congress, I can’t see a sociology student in 2212 making too much out of me snarking about Madonna’s Super Bowl appearance.

These ukulele posts are another thing entirely. Posting something I’ve played invites judgment and scrutiny, but I’m discovering that I care less and less about what others think of my creative output. If it’s an authentic expression of where I am creatively at any given moment, I’m less reluctant to share than I used to be.

I recorded this with a gently-used Yeti Stereo Mic that works fairly well; it’s a lot easier than trying to lean into my Mac Book Pro’s condenser mike for the length of a song.

Here’s my cover of America’s “Sister Golden Hair” (4.5MB MP3). Seventies rock is a lot of fun to play on a baritone ukulele.



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