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My (online) vocal debut: “La Vie en Rose”

I generally assume no one’s paying much attention to what I post on Twitter, so I was surprised and challenged when a friend asked me to post my results last week. Calling my bluff, in a sense.

Humblebrag: singing in public doesn’t freak me out too much. I’ve won two singing contests on two different cruise ships and I’m comfortable doing karaoke with friends, but posting this is different than belting “Luck Be a Lady” with a boozy crowd on a Saturday at The Mint. What we post online lasts forever. (cheesy echo) Forever…forever…forever…

Anyway. Here’s me singing “La Vie en Rose.”

La Vie en Rose, (MP3, 1.6 MB, 1:44)

Now that I know most common chords on the baritone ukelele, it’s time to start working on my technique. It’s a peculiar instrument, so finding an instructor has been a challenge. If you know someone who teaches baritone uke in San Francisco, let me know.



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