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What’s the hubub, bub?

When there’s time, I’ll grab a cup of coffee before I get on the train. Today, I was behind a young woman who knew she wanted a bagel. And perhaps, her own name.

I looked at the clock on the wall: 8:09. Express trains leaving in 4 and 10 minutes.

“I got sesame, cinnamon-raisin, poppy, everything –”

“Wait, what’s on that one?”

As the counter man deconstructed the Everything Bagel for our bright young professional, I realized the cashier was idle. Behind me, several restless people had noticed the same thing.

A thirtyish guy in a bike helmet who will absolutely grow up to be the father from Calvin & Hobbes rolled his bike back and forth as a woman behind him blew her bangs out of her eyes after each deep sigh. Behind her, a grown man switched his briefcase from hand to hand, dropped his shoulders and started doing the Pee-pee Dance.

Just as Bagel Girl paid for the exotic new baked good she’ll be talking about for weeks, Calvin’s Dad leaned in and said in my face, “I want a small coffee.”

He began wheeling his bike over, but I stepped in front of him. When he stopped short, the bike helmet slid down over his eyes a bit.

“Medium coffee, blueberry muffin, please,” I said to the counter man. When I looked over my shoulder, the biker was shooting daggers.

“Wasn’t exactly Gone With The Wind, now, was it?” I said, handing the cashier a bill.



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